What Are the Most Valuable Global Brands?

Interbrand rankings reveal companies' value in 100 “Best Global Brands”
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NEW YORK � The Interbrand consultancy has compiled�its annual ranking�of the 100 �Best Global Brands,� and tech companies are well represented.

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Topping the list across all industries is Apple, with a �brand value� of $178.1 billion, while the badge with the fastest-growing value is Facebook, up 48 percent year over year.

Interbrand, a unit of advertising giant Omnicom, assigns dollar values to brands based on the financial performance of their products and/or services, the role they play in influencing consumer choice, and their ability to command a premium price.

Requirements for consideration include operations on at least three major continents; a roadmap in emerging markets; at least 30 percent of revenues derived outside the home country; and no more than 50 percent of revenues from any one continent.

Here is where the world�s top names in consumer tech rank on Interbrand�s global Top 100, along with their brand value and year-over-year growth:

1.�Apple, $178,119M, +5%

2. Google, $133,252M, +11%

4.�� Microsoft, $72,795M, +8%

7.�� Samsung, $51,808M, +14%

8.�� Amazon, $50,338M, +33%

14. Intel, $36,952M, +4%

15. Facebook, $32,593M, +48 %

32. eBay, $13,136M, -6%

41. Philips, $11,336M, +4%

42. Canon, $11,081M, -2%

48. HP, $10,386 (new to rankings)

58. Sony, $8,315M, +8%

63. Adobe, $7,586M, +21%

68. Panasonic, $6,365M, -1%

72. Huawei, $5,835M, +18%

99. Lenovo, $4,045M, -2%

The complete report is�available online�and can be downloaded�here.

A version of this article was originally posted on TWICE, a sister publication of Radio magazine.